A Tribute to Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him

محمدHighest love for the prophet is made a test of our faith. The Prophet PBUH is the greatest benefactor of humanity and the heart of every Muslim is filled with the deepest love for him.

Out of this belief, the big family of Al-Hoda International Schools came up with the idea of paying a Tribute to our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We all thought of sharing this breathtaking experience with our kids as well as the much respected parents.

Consequently, we thought to seize the opportunity of forthcoming Mawled Celebration to show part of that deep love. Hence, you are kindly invited to join us at Al-Hoda International Schools on Tuesday, 22nd December at 11:00 – 01:00 o’clock to share the event of:

“A Tribute to Prophet Muhammad PBUH ”

On that memorable day, you are expected to witness the harvest of the great endeavor that your child had made with the help of his/ her teacher in the past couple of weeks. Both students and teachers worked neck to neck to bring that work to light. Their tasks varied including power point presentations, posters, sketches, board games, timelines, biographies, wall magazines, poems, etc.

All Al-Hoda Family is eagerly looking forward to your much appreciated participation on that day.