Computer Science & ICT co-teacher

When: Next academic year 2019/20

A dynamic Engineering new graduate is required for the position of Computer co-teacher.

At Al-Hoda International School we value greatly the role of technology whether in preparing our students for the future, or as a tool to deliver and enrich the learning experience. That is why we are always on the lookout for the best ICT/CS teachers that can cope with our increasing demands for technology uses.

We have a dynamic curriculum that is always being updated to reflect the quick advances in technology.


What we offer

  • Opportunity to work within a team of highly supportive and collaborative colleagues.
  • Coaching and mentoring from the main computer teacher
  • We are committed to providing excellent professional development opportunities for all members of staff
  • Co-teachers who prove to be highly efficient and hardworking are usually promoted within a couple of years
  • Social and Medical insurance plans


Job Requirements

  • A graduate of Computers or Communications Engineering
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Enthusiastic with a passion for teaching
  • Eager to learn and develop professionally
  • The ability to inspire and enthuse young children
  • The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and needs.
  • The ability to reflect constructively on practice and to manage needs.
  • A desire for high expectations and standards for self and others.
  • A commitment to be involved in the whole life of the school
  • Commitment and a hard-working ethos

This is an entry level position, so no experience is required.


Job description

  • Assisting the main computer teacher during classes, by helping students and answering questions. This requires prior preparation, for knowledge of the material being taught.
  • Helping during school events with all multimedia aspects such as graphics design and video editing.
  • Providing support and coaching other subject teachers in technology and LMS related tasks.
  • Attending, department and grade-level meetings.
  • Media production, and management during grade-level school parties.


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