Giving Month

      In Al-Hoda International Schools, we not only take pride on academic endeavor and success, but also on creating a moral community where we try to plant the seeds of good manners through implementing righteous acts with our students. We seized  the opportunity during March to reinforce the concept of Giving in its broader meaning.
            Al-Hoda family, showed great willingness to Give believing that giving that Giving benefits not only others but also ourselves. consequently, we moved from verbal highlight on the concept to different practical acts of giving where we actively encouraged all students to get involved in fundraising events for charity and then use the money to draw a smile on the faces of some needy people.
             It was a joy to see the students happily stepping out for a good cause. These memorable moments, including preparing a lunch meal and going out of school looking for needy people and smiling at each other feeling their happiness, are deeply carved into their memories.
           In addition, they learnt how to appreciate all those who are giving them help starting from the school custodians to the teachers, friends and family members.
            The event was concluded by circle time, in which students and staff members exchanged warm Thank You cards that showed their mutual love, respect and full understanding of the concept of Giving.
You can take look at the event photos here.