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(Foundation 2)

Children from birth to five years old are in the Early Years Foundation stage. The aim of this stage is to ensure that all children benefit in a safe, secure and happy environment where they learn and develop through active play and are encouraged to build on their individual needs and interest. The Early Foundation stage consists of 6 areas of learning and development.


Areas of learning and development


Personal, social and emotional development

This area is about developing a positive sense of self and respect for others, social skills as well as having an enthusiasm for learning.


Literacy (communication and language)

Children develop confidence and competence in communicating, speaking, listening and writing.


This area emphasis is on growing an understanding of problem solving and numbers through stories, games, songs and play.

Knowledge of the world

Learning to make sense of the world.

Physical development

Children will be able to develop skills of coordination, control, movement and to understand the importance of being healthy through a healthy diet.



In addition to the above, AlHoda International stresses on the development of spiritual and moral aspects of our children’s characters.